Miles Edgeworth (magical_logic) wrote in box_and_sphere,
Miles Edgeworth

[Goodness, it's awfully dusty in here, isn't it? Edgeworth most certainly Does Not Approve of these conditions, as he runs a finger over a nearby desk, confirming yup, that is one thick layer of dust right there.]

Hngh. Whomever this place belongs to, they haven't done a very good job of taking care of it. Hopefully, they have the decency to at least own cleaning supplies, even if they never make use of them.

[And so begins Edgeworth's epic quest for a mop and a bucket or something, because, yes, he will clean this whole box by himself if he has to, you lazy bums. 8| Or you could help or something I guess that's OK too.]
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Excuse me?!
Actually, clearly there are no sexy women here. Otherwise there would be less dust.
[And he thought Larry was forward about this sort of thing....]

...That logic is not sound in the slightest.
Wat'cha looking for, kupo?
[Oh, hey, it's a weird-looking stuffed animal, this box sure has some odd things in it.

Oh, it's talking to him.


Rather than actually answer the question, Edgeworth just makes an irritated noise and looks an awful lot like he's about to get a headache.
[Mog doesn't seem bothered by this. Instead, he grabs a broom - which is far taller than he is - and hands it to Edgeworth.]

How about this, kupo?
[Edgeworth... quietly accepts the broom. You win this match, reality.]

Erm. Thank you. This should prove useful.
The dust really bothers you, huh?
Of course. A dirty workplace hardly deserves to be called a workplace at all.
This is a workplace, kupo? I don't even know where we are!


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

Don't you have something more important to be doing than playing janitor?
I have many far more important matters to attend to. However, the vast majority of them require me to be back at my office. The rest can be multi-tasked easily enough.
What kind of attitude is that? This scene could be related to the murder you're investigating! If you inspect this crap lying around, you might find some evidence!

If you see anything suspicious, try showing it to me by pressing X.
[Edgeworth sincerely doubts he'll find anything relevant here, but he's learned a thing or two about humoring teenage girls in his life, so investigating it is. Certainly couldn't hurt.]

>Inspect: Games Cabinet

It seems that a board game enthusiast makes some sort of residence here. Let's see, Parcheesi, LIFE, Monopoly....

Hmm. I've never heard of Wizard's Sudoku before.
Wizard's Sudoku?! But I thought that was banned after the Romanian headquarters was turned into a giant 3D labyrinth!
...Let's move on.
>Inspect: Orange Helmet


Is... Is this thing covered in a layer of grease? How does such a thing even happen?
It could have happened any number of ways... we don't have enough information to make a deduction yet.

Still, this might be important. We'd better remember it.

("Grease on the helmet" added to logic pieces.)
I agree. It is absolutely disgraceful and I will not tolerate it.
[Edgeworth's just going to... hope Equius is a kid in a weird costume or something. He can deal with that.]

A good attitude to have. Have you spotted anything helpful for fixing the situation?
I have not. Aurthour!

[STRONG fingersnap. Where is that lazy-]
[...Right behind you, vacuum in hand. Good lusus, best butler.]
[Edgeworth jumps, like, 5 feet into the air. OK, not really, but he is most certainly extremely startled.]