Miles Edgeworth (magical_logic) wrote in box_and_sphere,
Miles Edgeworth

[Goodness, it's awfully dusty in here, isn't it? Edgeworth most certainly Does Not Approve of these conditions, as he runs a finger over a nearby desk, confirming yup, that is one thick layer of dust right there.]

Hngh. Whomever this place belongs to, they haven't done a very good job of taking care of it. Hopefully, they have the decency to at least own cleaning supplies, even if they never make use of them.

[And so begins Edgeworth's epic quest for a mop and a bucket or something, because, yes, he will clean this whole box by himself if he has to, you lazy bums. 8| Or you could help or something I guess that's OK too.]
Tags: edgeworth (magical_logic)
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