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Pup List, Fancy Schmancy Version

Ace Attorney

Name: Adrian Andrews
Journal: infiniteglasses
Meaning: Whenever you deal a really crushing (metaphorical) blow to Adrian in 2-4, her glasses shatter and she pulls a new pair out of hammerspace. Ergo, infinite glasses.
Timeline: Post T&T
Home: None.
Fun Fact: The username was Foxfire's idea. Why is everyone I know so much cleverer than I?

Name: Miles Edgeworth
Journal: halberdvshield
Meaning: In 1-5, Edgeworth shares a Chinese fable with Phoenix and Ema: a peddler tried to sell the king a halberd that could pierce anything or a shield that couldn't be pierced by anything. The king pointed out the inherent contradiction in the descriptions of the two items, and that's why the Chinese word for contradiction is formed out of the characters for halberd and shield. The King of Prosecutors trophy features a broken halberd and broken shield because a prosecutor's job is to pursue contradictions to their natural end and break them. Both halberdshield and halberd_shield were taken usernames, so I resorted to halberdvshield. It makes it look like a court case! 8D
Timeline: Post T&T
Home: Formerly memento_eden
Fun Fact: I'd decided to play Edgeworth before I beat the 1st game. I reserved him before I finished the 2nd. The time between receiving the first game and finishing the app was roughly a month. I am insane.

Name: Miles Edgeworth
Journal: lawyer_batman
Meaning: Edgeworth is 1000% Batman. And a lawyer.
Timeline: Post-AA:I
Home: Formerly anemoi_rp
Fun Fact: I was originally using this journal for a genderswap Edgeworth, but that kind of fell through and it was just too good a username to let go to waste, so....

Name: Miles Edgeworth
Journal: magical_logic
Meaning: This sums it up pretty much perfectly.
Timeline: Post-AA:I. At Route, he was between PW and JFA.
Home: Formerly splendorocity. Formerly route_29.
Fun Fact: Somebody asked for advice on Edgeworth from Route's canon point on the advice meme. After rambling about it, I realized that it would be an epic canon point to play from. Unfortunately, it is also a very difficult canon point to balance with this whole "having castmates" thing, which Route had an awful lot of.

Name: Will Powers/The Steel Samurai
Journal: samuraiderpderp
Meaning: Will's a pretty derpy guy and also the Steel Samurai. Quite literally, in the Kingdoms AU.
Timeline: AU.
Home: Formerly kingdoms_rp
Fun Fact: Will Powers as the Steel Samurai as an actual samurai is a pretty amazing idea, if I do say so myself.

Name: Phoenix Wright
Journal: ace_asspuller
Meaning: There's a number of times throughout the series that Phoenix ends up cornered and going "crap crap what do I do now I'll just present something and justify it as I go along" or something similar, and, as long as the player doesn't screw it up, it always works. Ergo, Phoenix is an ace at pulling things out of his ass.
Timeline: Post T&T, pre-AJ
Home: Formerly netherworld_rpg
Fun Fact: Ever register an account just for the username? Yeah. It's a good thing I really enjoyed playing him when I dear_mun'd him.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Name: Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja
Journal: technonjitsu
Meaning: Sean is a tech head. Also, a ninja.
Timeline: Current canon, I suppose.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: How did it ever take me so long to read this comic?

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Name: Mai
Journal: knifebending
Meaning: Unlike the many characters in the series who bend the elements, Mai's talent lies with throwing knives. Hence, knifebending.
Timeline: AU.
Home: Formerly kingdoms_rp
Fun Fact: It's really weird, having a non-paid account with icon slots left open, you know.

Beast Wars

Name: Optimus Primal
Journal: gorillanotmunky
Meaning: When the Beast Wars line began, many Transformers fans reacted with shock to find Optimus as a gorilla instead of the traditional semi-truck. Some of them went so far as disgust and refused Beast Wars without ever giving it a chance. "TRUKK NOT MUNKY" evolved as a way to mock said fans. Of course, Optimus's alt-form is a gorilla, which is an ape, not a monkey.
Timeline: Right before his death at the end of season 1.
Home: None
Fun Fact: Man, Beast Wars screencaps are a bitch and a half to find.

Name: Rattrap
Journal: shut_up_rattrap
Meaning: Rattrap gets told to shut up a lot.
Timeline: End of series.
Home: None
Fun Fact: I am far too fond of Rattrap's HMD post.

Name: Rattrap
Journal: usedtailwhip
Meaning: Transmetal Rattrap's tail becomes a weapon in Robot Mode. In the show, it's typically used as a sword, but it's a whip on the toy. Also it's a Pokemon move. That Rattata starts with. So perfect.
Timeline: Probably end of series.
Home: None
Fun Fact: Drawing his icons myself was probably a horrible idea!

Name: Waspinator
Journal: notdiecastatall
Meaning: The original Transformer toys commonly involved something called die-cast construction. Basically, some parts were made of metal. Die-cast construction is known for being very strong and hardy. Waspinator, on the other hand, is known for being blown to small pieces on an incredibly regular basis.
Timeline: AU.
Home: Formerly kingdoms_rp
Fun Fact: I didn't plan to play Waspinator until anon meme got me thinking about his characterization and I realized how fun it would be.

Bloody Jack

Name: Mary "Jacky" Faber
Journal: saltyseatrap
Meaning: A girl in disguise as a boy, Jacky qualifies as a (reverse) trap. She is a salty sea sailor. Ergo, saltyseatrap.
Timeline: AU, roughly equivalent to the first book.
Home: Formerly kingdoms_rp
Fun Fact: Finding even a halfway passable PB was a pain in the ass.

DC Comics

Name: Michael Jon "Booster" Carter AKA Booster Gold AKA Supernova
Journal: canthandleacape/canhandleacape
Meaning: When Booster first debuted, his costume included a (kind of hideous) cape. But after a while the cape just disappeared and was never mentioned again. Until early in Booster's second series, where Booster drunkenly recounts a fight in which he was choked with his own cape until Superman came to his rescue, after which he took Booster's cape, telling him that he couldn't handle it. As Supernova, of course, he has a cape and has no problems with it.
Timeline: 52, shortly after New Year's.
Home: anemoi_rp
Fun Fact: The two accounts for this probably wasn't strictly necessary, but it was too perfect not to.

Name: Michael Jon "Booster" Carter AKA Booster Gold
Journal: future_is_gold
Meaning: The first LJRP account I ever made. I think I managed to somehow convince myself that "the future is gold" or something like it was a fairly common phrase. I'm pretty sure it was quite late at night. I may have had it confused with "the future is now" come to think of it.
Timeline: Directly after the end of The OMAC Project
Home: Formerly memento_eden
Fun Fact: One of the main reasons I took Booster from when I did instead of somewhat more current canon was that I didn't want to deal with all the complicated time travel junk.

Name: Michael Jon "Booster" Carter AKA Booster Gold
Journal: textmypublicist
Meaning: Texting his publicist, often at... inopportune times, sure is a thing Booster does in BatB.
Timeline: Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon, post-canon I guess?
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Probably should've given the cartoon its own canon heading but OH WELL WHATEVER.

Name: Michelle "Shel" Carter AKA Goldstar
Journal: shooting_gstar
Meaning: Shooting star, Goldstar, pretty basic.
Timeline: AU. This Shel was actually a clone of the real Michelle Carter, created by the aliens mostly responsible for the original's (apparent) death. Kind of convoluted, but I didn't want her existence to be contradicted when the resurrection that I just knew would be coming eventually finally happened.
Home: Formerly dear_multiverse
Fun Fact: I basically stopped playing her when said resurrection happened anyway. Smooth.

Name: Green Lantern Honor Guard Guy Gardner
Journal: one_punched
Meaning: One of the most famous JLI scenes is when Guy, fed up with Batman's general Bat-ness, confronts him. He very quickly resorts to violence, taking his ring off to make it a fair fight, and just as he pulls his fist back to deliver his first swing, Batman belts him, him instantly, much to the delight of Blue Beetle in particular, who joyously shouts "ONE PUNCH! ONE PUNCH!"
Timeline: AU, roughly equivalent to JLI-era Guy. At Mayfield, he was taken from canon shortly after the Sinestro Corps War, right after he moves to Oa and opens his bar there.
Home: Formerly kingdoms_rp. Formerly mayfield_rpg
Fun Fact: Seriously, how was this username not already taken?


Name: Jyou Kido and Gomamon
Journal: my_own_path
Meaning: Choosing his own path is kind of a big thing with Jyou late in the series. Mostly in regards to his father, who wants him to become a doctor in the family tradition, even though poor Jyou faints at the sight of blood.
Timeline: Before the end of the final episode.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: OMG, my childhood.


Name: Prinny!Maleficent
Journal: draconicpenguin
Meaning: Penguin as in Prinny, draconic as in both "she turns into a goddamn dragon" and "she's a hella harsh leader".
Timeline: Post-death
Home: Formerly netherworld_rpg
Fun Fact: Part of me kind of thinks I could actually pull off playing Maleficent if I weren't so very terrified of not being able to pull it off. The other part of me figures that I am terrified of messing it up for a very good reason. Also, Maleficent just doesn't work very well when she doesn't inspire terror in everyone.

Getter Robo

Name: Benkei Kuruma
Journal: getter_sanity
Meaning: It matches getter_guts and getter_class and Benkei is, of course, the sane guy on the Getter Team, as is Getter-3 pilot tradition.
Timeline: UGA's AU take on Armageddon canon.
Home: srwug_alpha_rp
Fun Fact: Longest time taken on an app ever? Possibly!

Name: Ryoma Nagare
Journal: a_mans_job
Meaning: This.
Timeline: New, post-canon. At TVK, he was from the end of episode 8
Home: Formerly anemoi_rp. Formerly thevelvetkey.
Fun Fact: So I guess next I should make an account for Shin vs. Neo Hayato?

Ghost Trick

Name: Inspector Cabanela
Journal: lanky_and_loose
Meaning: Cabanela's character profile in the game is labeled "Lanky and Loose Lawman". It's an accurate description and I do so love me some alliteration.
Timeline: Haven't thought about it, probably only going to throw him around museboxes anyway.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I'm half-convinced Cabanela's taken ballet lessons at some point in his life.

Name: Lynne
Journal: deadtective
Meaning: Lynne is a detective. Who dies. A lot.
Timeline: ???
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I now have journals for as many distinct characters from Ghost Trick as I do from Red vs. Blue. JUST IN CASE MY LOVE FOR THIS GAME WASN'T CLEAR ENOUGH YET.

Name: Missile
Journal: whatdoggiesdo
Meaning: Near the very end of the game, Missile commits an act of EXTREME LOYALTY, and when Sissel expresses amazement at how balls-to-the-wall loyal it was, Missile explains it with a simple "Because that's what doggies do!"
Timeline: Mid-late-game-ish
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Missile is pretty much the best character in the game. FACT.

Name: Sissel
Journal: 9_lives_saved
Meaning: Over the course of the game, Sissel uses his powers to save the lives of exactly 9 people. Also, HOVER FOR SPOILERS.
Timeline: For now I'm just throwing him in museboxes and making a strict policy of Not Thinking About It.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: This game is so good. So good. But hard to really play from if you don't want to spoil anybody!

Name: Yomiel
Journal: schrodingersman
Meaning: Yomiel, much like Schrodinger's theoretical cat, is technically both alive and dead at the same time.
Timeline: Late game-ish but not too late game-ish? I'll decide if I ever app him anywhere. (He'd be easier to app than Sissel, at the very least.)
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Case in point on being hard to play from if you don't want to spoil anybody!

Gurren Lagann

Name: Kittan Bachika
Journal: push_from_below
Meaning: Late in the series, Yoko and Kittan have a conversation in which Yoko says something about how Simon and Kamina may have led Team Dai-Gurren from above, but they never would've gotten anywhere without Kittan pushing them from below.
Timeline: Depends on where I chose to app him (if I do?) For throwing him around mecha_dressing purposes, he'll be pretty early-series, though.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: It kind of bothers me that I've got both pre-timeskip and post-timeskip icons here, because Kittan's character model actually does change some. (Seriously, take a close look at his hairline, it's different.) But it doesn't bother me quite enough to fix it to be one or the other.

Name: Leeron
Journal: spiral_science
Meaning: You gotta respect a guy who is a man of science in a universe that runs on bending physics right over the table and then manages to roll with it, you really do. Also I couldn't think of any good gay jokes that worked as usernames.
Timeline: I'll say pre-timeskip?
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Much less bothered by mixing pre- and post-timeskip on this icon set.

Legend of Legaia

Name: Noa
Journal: pimps_are_bad
Meaning: It's a line of dialogue from the game.
Timeline: Good question.
Home: None
Fun Fact: Hey check out my Let's Play of the game.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Name: Link
Journal: kokiri_grown
Meaning: References both the fact that this is grown-up Link and that he was raised as/by the Kokiri.
Timeline: Before beating Ganondorf.
Home: None
Fun Fact: So when's Majora's Mask 3D coming out?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Name: Rarity
Journal: fabulocd
Meaning: Rarity is ~*~fabulous~*~ and a total neat freak.
Timeline: idk MLP is not a very timeline-heavy show right now.
Home: None
Fun Fact: I could still claim guy cred after a journal from Princess Tutu. I could still cling desperately to the claims of guy cred after a journal from Sailor Moon. But I'm pretty sure this journal kills all claims I may have had.

The Order of the Stick

Name:Roy Greenhilt
Journal: great_cleavage
Meaning: Roy has boobies!
Timeline: Shortly post-resurrection.
Home: Formerly memento_eden.
Fun Fact: I was amazed the username was untaken, what with all the many busty ladies there are to be played.

Name: Redcloak
Journal: crimsonmantled
Meaning: Redcloak is Bearer of the Crimson Mantle. AF so creative.
Timeline: Some point after his appearance in strip #548.
Home: Formerly netherworld_rpg
Fun Fact: Hands-down, the longest app I've ever written and hopefully the longest I ever will.

Name: Redcloak
Journal: hypopecrisy
Meaning: Redcloak is, more or less, the Pope of his religion. He's also pretty hypocritical sometimes.
Timeline: Right now I'm thinking right before the attack on Azure City.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: I am probably prouder of hypopecrisy than I really should be.

Original Characters

Name: Aestuosa Fiscella
Journal: thealphadragon
Meaning: Aestuosa's dragon-themed mech may have "Alpha" in its name, but she's the true top dog in the relationship.
Timeline: N/A
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Still not sure if this is a terrible idea or not!

Name: Richard and Orchid
Journal: mutteryfairyboy
Meaning: Richard has a bad habit of muttering his disparaging remarks. Richard is the Chosen Hero From Another World of the Fairies. Richard is a boy.
Timeline: N/A
Home: The Yuusha Gakuen Valor campaign.
Fun Fact: The very first mission Richard went on, he threw a Gundam into another Gundam. Valor is awesome.

Name: Thuban
Journal: chillserker
Meaning: Thuban is a pretty chill dude. Also, a berserker.
Timeline: N/A
Home: The Disgaea Valor campaign.
Fun Fact: Thuban is named after a star.

Paper Mario

Name: Lady Bow
Journal: debootante
Meaning: Boos have a habit of replacing words and/or parts of words with "Boo" any time they can make it work. Therefore, debutante becomes debootante.
Timeline: Presumably post-game.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: Ethan thought up the username. I only wish I could be that witty.

Name: Watt
Journal: ajoulepersecond
Meaning: A watt is a joule per second. I rather like this name, in that it is both clever, yet easy.
Timeline: Presumably post-game.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: Watt is a girl.

Persona 4

Name: Kanji Tatsumi
Journal: arts_and_crass
Meaning: A terrible, terrible pun on arts and crafts.
Timeline: Post-True End
Home: Formerly splendorocity
Fun Fact: Could Kanji be any more up my alley? I posit that he could not.

Pokemon Adventures/Special

Name: Diamond
Journal: pokiest_manz
Meaning: "Let me show you my Pokeymanz" is, of course, a pretty well-known meme. And Diamond's Pokemon are particularly slow, or, one might say, pokey.
Timeline: Around the end of Volume 36.
Home: Formerly d_versus_d
Fun Fact: It took me a pretty long while to come up with a username pun that was sufficiently terrible.

Princess Tutu

Name: Duck
Journal: duck_duck_swan
Meaning: Duck, duck, goose! And Duck is a literal duck, a (duck-like) girl named Duck, and Princess Tutu, who appears to uninvolved characters as a giant swan.
Timeline: Towards the end of the series.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: Sh-shut up Princess Tutu is totally a manly series my guy cred is in no way damaged by having this journal. ;A;

Problem Sleuth

Name: Death
Journal: ballpointscythe
Meaning: Ballpoint pen is one of the many, many forms that Death's scythe takes. It just happens to be one of the funniest.
Timeline: I guess before he handed his scythe over to Problem Sleuth.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: So how many people from ME have accounts for some variation of Death now?

Red vs. Blue

Name: The (Former) Director of Project Freelancer AKA HOVER FOR SPOILER
Journal: untilitisnomore
Meaning: It's from the last line of Reconstruction's prologue. "My agency, as it always has, will continue to deal with what is... until it is no more." dear_chairman was already taken and this was the next best thing. In retrospect, I think I kinda like untilitisnomore better than dear_chairman, anyway.
Timeline: Post-Reconstruction.
Home: Formerly dear_multiverse
Fun Fact: Those who have watched Reconstruction may find the universal theme of his icons to be particularly amusing. It was actually kind of fun, searching around for icons that worked well for him and also met that requirement.

Name: Minor Junior Private Dexter Grif, Negative First Class
Journal: been_sarged
Meaning: Delicious, delicious, double-meaning username goodness. Been Sarged in the "You just got Sarged" sense and in the sense that he used to be a Sergeant.
Timeline: Post-Relocated.
Home: Formerly netherworld_rpg
Fun Fact: I wanted to let somebody else play Grif at NW, I really did. I already had Wash there and I don't like to double up on characters from a single series at a single game. But Ethan's Sarge and the presence of a Simmons and the promise of Foxfire's Sister combined broke down my resolve.

Name: Sergeant Dexter Grif
Journal: semper_fi_bitch
Meaning: The very first episode of RvB opens with Simmons asking Grif, "Do you ever wonder why we're here?" Grif answers with a long, philosophical ramble, to which Simmons's response is, "What? I meant why are we here, in this canyon." And Grif's just like, "oh." A few episodes later, Simmons asks again, and this time Grif's answer is, "No. I never, ever wonder why we're here. Semper Fi, bitch."
Timeline: Some point during those 14 months at Rat's Nest.
Home: Formerly capeandcowl. Formerly memento_eden.
Fun Fact: In a perfect world, Grif's PB would be chubby and ethnically Hawaiian. But I've gone and gotten kind of attached to Rune Glifberg. (Fun Fact #2: Rune Glifberg has been in a few of the Tony Hawk video games. This amuses me.)

Name: Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons
Journal: amaranthdye
Meaning: Amaranth dye is another name for the food dye much better known as "Red No. 2". Eh? Eh? It is a stupidly complicated pun, I will admit.
Timeline: Some point during those 14 months at Rat's Nest.
Home: Formerly neotopia
Fun Fact: Considering that I was using sycophanticdick in the comm-based dear_multiverse and neotopia was also comm-based, I probably could've gotten away with using sycophanticdick for both, but, well, I really wanted to use the Red No. 2 pun.

Name: Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons
Journal: sycophanticdick
Meaning: Simmons is a sycophant. Simmons is a Dick. Simmons is also a dick. Beautiful in its simplicity.
Timeline: After Reconstruction, before Relocated. When I played him at dear_multiverse, he was after the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, but still in Blood Gulch.
Home: Formerly mayfield_rpg. Formerly dear_multiverse
Fun Fact: Definitely the best username I've ever come up with. I would also recommend checking out his PB's blog, because it is hilarious and it is truly incredibly how a little bit of a beard can make someone look entirely different.

Name: Agent Texas AKA "Tex" AKA Alison
Journal: blarghmeansno
Meaning: There's a scene in which the Blues are trying to understand an alien who speaks in honks and blarghs. Church goes, "Wait, I think blargh means yes. Hey, alien, does blargh mean yes?" "Blargh." "Holy shit, he just said yes! I speak alien!" And then Tex cuts in with, "Unless blargh means no, in which case, he just said 'No, blargh does not mean yes.'" "What? Bullshit. Hey, alien, am I right?" "Blargh." "See? The fuck do you know." Ideally, this Tex would be played opposite a Church named "blarghmeansyes" but I suck at Tex, so that's kind of a fail right there. This might be the only one of my accounts that I'd be willing to donate to someone else.
Timeline: Kinda irrelevant. :V
Home: None.
Fun Fact: Tex's PB is Amy Adams, who played Giselle in the movie Enchanted. I am an awesome PB-chooser. 8|

Name: Agent Washington AKA "Wash" AKA David
Journal: memoryisthekey
Meaning: "Memory is the key" is a very important message delivered to Wash which eventually leads towards the conclusion of the series.
Timeline: Directly post-Reconstruction.
Home: Formerly netherworld_rpg
Fun Fact: Gave him a try kind of on a whim and he turned out to be really fun to play. Also, I kind of seriously doubt that I'll ever actually use any of those out-of-armor icons, but I like having them, anyway. Just in case.

Name: Agent Washington AKA "Wash" AKA David
Journal: persistentdavid
Meaning: His name is David and he is persistent. Designed to compliment sycophanticdick. It's really a shame the pun thing doesn't carry.
Timeline: Post-Recovery One, Pre-Reconstruction. Same universe as sycophanticdick
Home: Formerly dear_multiverse
Fun Fact: Wash is probably pretty high on the list of people who should not have an icon that probably originated in Megas XLR, and yet....

Sailor Moon

Name: Usagi Tsukino
Journal: used_lunardance
Meaning: Variations on "used_moonlight" were already taken.
Timeline: TBD.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I-I still totally have guy cred you guys no really.

Shin Mazinger Z

Name: Tsubasa Nishikiori
Journal: z_everything
Meaning: The stuff Tsubasa has made out of Super Alloy Z gets increasingly... eclectic towards the end of the series.
Timeline: Slight AU for UGA.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Took me forever to come up with a username I even kind of liked that wasn't too terrible a joke even for me and/or spoilers.


Name: Random Hajile
Journal: randomly_ironic
Meaning: Nobody makes puns about his name in canon, so I clearly had to make up for it in his username. And, well, Snatcher is a Hideo Kojima game: obviously something was going to be randomly ironic.
Timeline: Right before Chin Shou Oh and his 4 naked Snatchers attack Random and Gillian in the hospital.
Home: Formerly netherworld_rpg
Fun Fact: I considered taking him from later, but I decided I didn't want him to know Certain Things.

Soul Eater

Name: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Journal: a_scented_blade
Meaning: Tsubaki is named after a flower commonly regarded as scentless, and in her Big Character Development Arc, the scentlessness of the tsubaki flower was brought up a lot and Tsubaki's insistence that it does have a scent (and ergo, that she does have a voice of her own) was Kind Of a Big Thing. And, well, she turns into a few different kinds of blades, so, a_scented_blade.
Timeline: Right before Baba Yaga's Castle.
Home: Formerly memento_eden
Fun Fact: I think the real problem with Tsubaki was that inconsistent translations made it too hard for me to get a really solid handle on her voice.

Transformers Animated

Name: Bulkhead
Journal: kibble_chair
Meaning: Kibble is the term for parts of a Transformer's vehicle mode that's just kind of hanging off the robot mode. Bulkhead can transform his into a chair. This is awesome.
Timeline: AU, UGA-styel. At CnC, he was end-of-series.
Home: srwug_alpha_rp. Formerly capeandcowl
Fun Fact: Seriously that chair is the best use of kibble ever.

Name: Bumblebee
Journal: hot_shot_or_a
Meaning: In the hilarious Bee in the City script reading, a TransTech guard identifies Bumblebee as a kid-appeal type and asks him if he's a Hot Shot or a Bumblebee. Also referencing the fact that Bumblebee was originally planned to indeed be a Hot Shot, but he was changed to Bumblebee to match the live-action movies.
Timeline: *Shrugs*
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Now taking bets on how many times I'm going to accidentally log into this journal when aiming for my personal one.

Name: Optimus Prime
Journal: maintenancehero
Meaning: At one point in the series, Optimus's buddy, Sentinel, mocks him by calling him "Maintenance Prime". Heroism is a big theme of the series and a big theme for Optimus in particular.
Timeline: Some point between Decepticon Air and the finale.
Home: Formerly d_versus_d
Fun Fact: Optimus is not my favorite Optimus, and he's not my favorite Prime, but he is my favorite Optimus Prime.

Name: Ratchet
Journal: grumpulance
Meaning: He's grumpy and transforms into an ambulance. The pun, it is self-explanatory.
Timeline: *Shrugs*
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I was not planning on having journals for almost all the main 'bots in TFA how did this even happen.


Name: Ethan Siegal
Journal: damn_you_willis
Meaning: David Willis has an interesting relationship with his fanbase. By which I mean his love of drama and cruel cliffhangers and just generally pulling narrative dick moves is often known to inspire cries of "DAMN YOU WILLIS!" David Willis is also an occasionally appearing character in Shortpacked! itself, and something of a nemesis for Ethan. And by nemesis I mean they engage in epic battle over edits on the TF Wiki.
Timeline: For now I'll just say pre-bi-partisan arc. Just to be safe.
Home: None.
Fun Fact: I have an Ethan account mostly on principle, since Ethan is practically me, if I was a gay dude who didn't have a strict policy of avoiding amassed fandom for the sake of my own sanity.

Name: Mike Warner
Journal: epichatefucks
Meaning: For your information, Mike and I pound each other every night in the most epic of hatefucks.
Timeline: *Shrugs*
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: This is definitely one of those only-did-it-for-the-username accounts.

Name: (Drunk) Mike Warner
Journal: epiclovefucks
Meaning: To contrast with epichatefucks because Mike is super-nice when he's drunk.
Timeline: When he has alcohol in him!
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Why do I have two accounts for this guy when I have no intention of playing him anywhere?

Yu Yu Hakusho

Name: Yusuke Urameshi
Journal: poweredpointer
Meaning: I think "fingerbeams pew pew" sums it perfectly.
Timeline: Thinking between Yukina and Dark Tournament arcs right now.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I spent like days trying to think of a good username and ended up with a totally stupid one, but I like it anyway.


Name: i'm a shark!!!
Journal: dammit_fonzie
Timeline: i'm a SHAAAARK!
Home: suck my diiiiick!!
Fun Fact: I'M A SHAAARK!!
Tags: adrian (infiniteglasses), aestuosa (thealphadragon), benkei (getter_sanity), booster (canthandleacape), booster (future_is_gold), booster (textmypublicist), bow (debootante), bulkhead (kibble_chair), bumblebee (hot_shot_or_a), cabanela (lanky_and_loose), death (ballpointscythe), dia (pokiest_manz), duck (duck_duck_swan), edgeworth (halberdvshield), edgeworth (lawyer_batman), edgeworth (magical_logic), ethan (damn_you_willis), grif (been_sarged), grif (semper_fi_bitch), guy (one_punched), jacky (saltyseatrap), jyou (my_own_path), kanji (arts_and_crass), kittan (push_from_below), leeron (spiral_science), link (kokiri_grown), lynne (deadtective), mai (knifebending), maleficent (draconicpenguin), michelle (shooting_gstar), mike (epichatefucks), mike (epiclovefucks), missile (whatdoggiesdo), noa (pimps_are_bad), optimus (gorillanotmunky), optimus (maintenancehero), phoenix (ace_asspuller), pup list, random (randomly_ironic), rarity (fabulocd), ratchet (grumpulance), rattrap (shut_up_rattrap), rattrap (usedtailwhip), redcloak (crimsonmantled), redcloak (hypopecrisy), richard (mutteryfairyboy), roy (great_cleavage), ryoma (a_mans_job), sean (technonjitsu), simmons (amaranthdye), simmons (sycophanticdick), sissel (9_lives_saved), tex (blarghmeansno), the director (untilitisnomore), thuban (chillserker), tsubaki (a_scented_blade), tsubasa (z_everything), usagi (used_lunardance), wash (memoryisthekey), wash (persistentdavid), waspinator (notdiecastatall), watt (ajoulepersecond), will (samuraiderpderp), yomiel (schrodingersman), yusuke (poweredpointer)
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