Tex (blarghmeansno) wrote in box_and_sphere,

No armor, no guns, no O'Malley, no visible entrances or exits.... It's a better job than the last time somebody tried to keep me locked up, I'll give them that. It won't stop me from making sure they regret locking me up once I get out, but, hey, good job taking a step up on the competence scale, guys. Keep this up, and you might even manage to keep me locked up some time!

Heh, like that'll happen.
Tags: tex (blarghmeansno)
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Haha, they took away your armor and guns? What kind of dumbass roleplay are you being sent to?
The kind that doesn't give me amnesia at the door, for starters.
Think about Blood Gulch for a while, look me in the eye, and tell me amnesia is a bad thing.
I guess I'll have to give you that one.
If it's not too late to get in on this conversation, ma'am, what happened the last time someone tried to lock you up?
I got out, and caused a pretty bit of damage on my way out.
Oh. Against whom?